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As time goes by, your gutters can become damaged or begin to leak. When that happens, you should hire a professional gutter contractor as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the worse and more costly things could get.

Cost Pro Construction offers gutter services to keep your home protected. Without functional gutters, water can get inside your home and cause the need for roof repair with mold or weakened decking. Our experts can handle your gutter repair in Franklin Lakes, NJ, so call us today for an estimate!

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Greg responded in minutes to calls, including my follow-up questions. After several bids from others their price was the best. He did not oversell what needed to be done. They found matching shingles and were on site, on time and within a couple of days from contact time. I was given photos of the repair work and it was put to the test with several days of heavy rain. No leaks!

-Joe P.

Looking for Gutter Repair in Franklin Lakes, NJ?

...and the surrounding areas!


Your gutters rely on two major factors to work correctly: The actual gutters, and the downspout. The latter is essential to guide runoff away from your foundation. Otherwise, it can damage your home’s structure and lead to expensive repairs or replacements. Clogged gutters can also collapse from too much weight, damaging your roof and siding. Here are some common reasons for gutter repair in Franklin Lakes, NJ:

  • Clogged gutters. Blockage is a huge problem with gutters, because it prevents water and debris from going down. Not only can this increase the weight and force a collapse, but the stagnant water can freeze and form an ice dam. This can cause massive damage to your roofing.
  • The downspout is damaged or incorrectly installed. This can block up your downspout or render it useless, which leaves the gutters in a bad place and can let water gather around your home.
  • Storm damage repair. Since your gutters are exposed to the elements, a storm could blow a large branch or knock over a tree and destroy your gutters.

Effective gutters are crucial to a secure home and roof, so don’t ignore them. Gutter repair in Franklin Lakes, NJ should always be done by a professional like Cost Pro Construction. Our trained team will provide you with a close estimate and experienced gutter services to fit your budget. When you’re ready to get started, call us today and schedule your estimate!

Residential Insulation Upgrade Rebate

City Utilities residential electric or natural gas customers may qualify for a 20% rebate, up to $300, of the total cost of insulation upgrades.

Benefits: 20%, up to $300 rebate
Who’s Eligible: CU residential customers with electric or natural gas services

Customers who purchased & installed insulation in their home between September 1, 2021 and February 28, 2022 may qualify for a 50% rebate, up to $500, of the total cost of the insulation upgrades.

Eligibility Conditions: Insulation must meet the minimum R-values as specified in the rebate guidelines.

Click here to visit City Utilities Website